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Geospatial Wisdom: Dig into WhiteStar Wells

White(Star) Papers

Geospatial Wisdom: Dig into WhiteStar Wells

March 2011
By Robert C. White, Jr.

If someone asked you which U.S. State has seen the most drilling of oil and gas wells, you would probably guess Texas. And you would be correct, but did you know the Lone Star State has nearly six times as many wells as California? It’s true, and these are just a couple of the interesting drilling facts we recently "dug" out of the WhiteStar Wells product.

WhiteStar Wells is a nationwide database containing the geographic coordinates and well header attributes for more than 4 million oil and gas wells in the United States. Depending on the State, the database also includes operator-reported formation tops, bottom hole information, and some casing/liner interval details.WhiteStar Wells gives you the option of viewing well locations in a map grid fitted to State and County lines, or you can run spreadsheet analyses to spot drilling trends across the nation or within your area of interest. For example, we created a spreadsheet tallying up all oil and gas wells drilled in the nation. The graphic below summarizes which States have the most wells.

The spreadsheet, however, revealed the following interesting facts:

  • Over the last three years, Texas has outpaced all other States in terms of the number of new wells drilled with 46,000. Its total is now nearly 1.2 million wells.
  • In just the past year, however, Pennsylvania has had a stunning 44,000 wells drilled, primarily thanks to the Marcellus Shale.
  • Pennsylvania’s 184,761 wells puts it just 15,000 below California’s 201,674.
  • As expected, North Dakota action is heating up— with about 1,500 new wells in the past year.
  • Some surprises, too – In the past year, Colorado has added 4,000 wells; Kansas has drilled another 8,000 and Oklahoma has 6,000 new completions.
  • Texas accounts for 29 percent of all U.S. wells, while Oklahoma and Kansas each have 10 percent. California and Illinois both have five percent of the nationwide total.
  • Overall, there have been 4,087,669 oil and gas wells drilled in the United States according to official State records. 

The beauty of WhiteStar Wells is that you can access and analyze all of this well information inside your preferred GIS or geologic mapping software. To learn more about WhiteStar Wells please contact Lorrie Francis, Director of Business Development at