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ArcGIS Pro: Using the WhiteStar Legal Mapper Add-in

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ArcGIS Pro


Download the WhiteStar Legal Mapper Add-In for ArcGIS Pro.


  1. Exit ArcGIS Pro if it’s running.

  2. Double-click WhiteStarLegalMapper.esriAddinX.

  3. Click Install Add-In on the confirmation dialog box.

  4. Launch ArcGIS Pro.

Sign in

Use your WhiteStar Cloud account credentials.


  1. Open a map, or insert a new one

  2. Select geometry type (WellSpotter or LeaseBuilder).

  3. Enter a Legal Land Description in the Legal Land Description edit box.

  4. Press ‘Process LLD’.


Python Toolbox

Clicking the ‘Open Tool’ button will launch the (Python) toolbox.  This duplicates the functionality of the .NET Add-In and supports CSV file processing.

Build the Input Data File

Your legal land descriptions could come from anywhere, a database or a spreadsheet.  However in this example we use notepad to build a simple CSV file named legals.csv.  The first line contains the identifying attribute names id and legal.  Id is a unique identifier for each legal description used to merge in other data in later steps if so desired.  In the field, these IDs (lease numbers, etc) are often alphanumeric, but we will use a simple positive integer.



  1. Click on the Geoprocessing tab

  2. Add CSV file containing legal land descriptions

  3. Check the ‘First row is column headers’ box

  4. Specify LLD Column

  5. Specify Output layer name

  6. Select geometry type (WellSpotter or LeaseBuilder)

  7. Specify Username and Password

  8. Click Run