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Event Archive:
2018 Lease Mapping Technology Seminar

September 18, 2018: Denver
September 25, 2018: Houston

Why Good, Integrated Lease Data Matters to Your Business

Robert White, President, WhiteStar Corp

Thoughtful discussion of best practices and strategies for efficient corporate lease mapping.

Generating Accurate business polygons

Mike Schiewe, Vice President, Operations, WhiteStar Corp.

Takes a look at the building blocks required for building accurate polygons and introduces new WhiteStar Legal Mapper metes and bounds functionality.

Spatial on demand: using multi-source content for lease mapping

Shea Shelby, Product Manager, DigitalGlobe

Discusses the pros and cons of the various available imagery content and how they may be effectively utilized for generating leases.

in the trenches: building leases from the legal description

Jessica Schiewe, QA/QC Manager, WhiteStar Corp.

Discusses the complexity of the Public Land Survey at the sub-section level and how those polygons are created.

using authoritative georeferenced digital glo plats with any vector grid database for lease mapping

Louise White, Partner, WhiteStar Corp.

Regardless of the source of your GIS land grid, you can layer the original source documents to confirm the correct building blocks and acreages for your lease mapping project.

remote sensing for the energy industry

Kreg Barrett, Global Business Development Director, DigitalGlobe

Discusses the massive amounts of data available to the Energy Industry and how these data are acquired, processed and utilized.

What history tells us about what’s coming next

Dale Lutz, Vice President and Co-Founder, Safe Software

Describing data as “the new bacon”, Mr. Lutz takes a look at how the quantity and quality of data has increased dramatically over the years and the importance of being able to access, transform and share now and in the future.