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Tools Catalog

Tools Catalog

Find the right tool for the job.

One method: WhiteStar Cloud generates legal description geometries.

WhiteStar Legal Mapper™

Automap legal descriptions.

  • ArcGIS: Map legals directly inside ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap.

  • GIS Data: Provide legal descriptions to WhiteStar Cloud, and download the computed polygons as Shapefile, CSV, or GeoJSON.

  • FME Transformer: Use the WhiteStarLegalMapper transformer in a Safe Software FME workspace.

  • REST API: Incorporate our REST API into internal or external facing software applications.

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A WhiteStar Cloud tour - requesting grid for a GIS project.

WhiteStar Cloud®

Self-service data downloads.

Define your area of interest, select the data layers you need, and choose a format and coordinate system.

Formats include common GIS standards and G&G applications like GeoGraphix, Kingdom and Petra.

Single project quotes or unlimited subscription access.

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320x240 Streaming.png

Streaming Data

Feed your applications.

Use WhiteStar data with data streams in your GIS or web mapping application via standard streaming protocols or our REST API.

OGC, WMS, WFS, and Esri services available.

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320x240 Wizard.png

WhiteStar Wizard™

Mobile convenience.

Grid and wells, in your pocket. Check coordinates, grid, and well spots in the field. Drop a pin and measure distances to corners, or calculate acreages. Look up legals. Free, whether or not you are a WhiteStar subscriber.

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