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White Papers

White Papers


Grid Migration

Changing land grids is a recurring topic in the natural resource industry. A desire to change arises for a variety of reasons. Your company may have been using a public or an internal source, and now your holdings have expanded and there is a need to use better, maintained, and seamless data. You may use data from another vendor and now wish to take advantage of WhiteStar Lot and Tract data for more precise automapping, or you may be tired of paying far too much under another vendor’s licensing agreement and wish to save your company tens of thousands of dollars... READ MORE


The Public Land Survey Database was created using software designed specifically to capture projected map data from USGS source maps. The digitizing software was developed by engineers at Platte River Associates, Inc., a leader in developing geological modeling software for the oil and gas industry. Associated processing software was developed by Robert C. White Jr., President and CEO of The WhiteStar... READ MORE

Geospatial Wisdom: Dig into WhiteStar Wells

If someone asked you which U.S. State has seen the most drilling of oil and gas wells, you would probably guess Texas. And you would be correct, but did you know the Lone Star State has nearly six times as many wells as California? It’s true, and these are just a couple of the interesting drilling facts we recently "dug" out of the WhiteStar Wells product... READ MORE

Digging Deeper into your Data

Explorationists have a tendency to take critical exploration data at face value. Of course, you want your well locations to show up in the right place on your map. What measurable confidence do you have that this location is indeed correct? An exploration project will probably not get very far if a critical pipeline doesn’t show up or you’re missing a well or two on your map... READ MORE

Breaking Down Barriers to Collaboration

Is inter-departmental collaboration just a dream? Or can it become a reality? In my last column, I introduced the concept of collaboration as a realistic goal of upstream E&P efforts thanks to GIS map servers and web mapping services (WMS). Traditionally, geophysicists, geologists, and land men have operated independently of one another, each with their own departmental goals, management and budgets...READ MORE

New Geospatial Technologies Enable Collaboration

Technologies such as GIS map servers and web mapping services (WMS) are making it easier for E&P organizations to collaborate on mapping projects. But some companies are learning that paving the way for collaboration often takes more than new technology. It may require a sea-level change in attitude across the enterprise...READ MORE