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WhiteStar Legals

WhiteStar Legals.

Land mapping lies at the core of natural resource businesses.

If you want to do it better—faster, more accurately, more efficiently—then you need the best source data you can find. 

 WhiteStar Legals is the most comprehensive, seamless, and accurate source there is for mapping legal land descriptions in the U.S., with nation-wide coverage and impeccable quality standards. 


READ MORE: What's in a Legal?

Map Legal Land Descriptions.

Are you working in a focused project area or across the nation? Adding grid for context or automapping your own holdings? Which survey system applies, and what is the correct source to use?

The building blocks for comprehensive legals mapping are right here.

Boundaries, township-section grid, and Texas Land Survey provide your mapping foundation.

WhiteStar Grid

Lots, tracts, and quarter-quarters meet more granular legals mapping requirements.

WhiteStar LTQQs

Add parcels for the finest level of detail possible.

WhiteStar Parcels

We can assist in determining which combination will fill your needs - talk to us at 1-800-736-6277 or email  

Complete the Picture.

What's a map without context? Build out your data stack with cultural layers designed to complement WhiteStar Grid. Get seamless integration and clean data layers that make you and your maps look good - then add wells for the full picture. 


Add context with transportation, hydrology, places, boundaries and more.

WhiteStar Culture 

As-registered well header data provides added convenience for resource mapping.

WhiteStar Wells


Get the Full Story.

Dig deeper into our data and resources for the technical information you need. 

See how WhiteStar Cloud simplifies data access in this short video.

For history buffs: how we stitch together the past and the present.