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WhiteStar Lots, Tracts & Quarter Quarters



WhiteStar Lots, Tracts, and Quarter Quarters

Drill down to the details

If land parcels were perfect rectangles, getting a clear picture of the ownership situation in your area of interest would be a straightforward matter. But they’re not - and WhiteStar Lots and Tracts put you in the know sooner than later.

Drill down to the details - and create your most reliable land maps ever.

What is WhiteStar Lots, Tracts and Quarter Quarters?

WhiteStar Lots and Tracts is simply the most comprehensive, detailed, and accurate land survey dataset available. It goes well beyond the level of detail of comparable products, providing you with accurate polygons and attribute information for your mapping systems. The benefits of having complete representations of the section subdivisions - rather than theoretically calculated quarters and quarter-quarters - are many, and particularly important when working in areas such as Louisiana with irregular lot shapes.

An Authoritative Source

WhiteStar Lots and Tracts are derived from the authoritative source – the original chain of General Land Office Records, including Master Title Plats. The data have been captured under strict accuracy controls and are accurate representations of the original documents. 

Increase Your Automated Mapping Success Rate

Automated land mapping systems rely on clean data for successful processing. Every time human intervention is required to deal with duplicates or make a decision, that rate goes down. And that costs time and money. WhiteStar’s data management practices produce the cleanest, most accurate datasets possible – and that means better results, less hassle, higher success rates, and higher ROI for you.

Accuracy Equals Lower Risk and Higher Return

It seems self-evident - the more you know, the higher the chances are of making the right decisions.  Due diligence mitigates risk and speeds results.  WhiteStar Lots, Tracts, and Quarter Quarters can help - whether you need to automatically map lease polygons in seconds that otherwise would take hours, knowing the official legal acreage for a lot, or assessing the proper taxation rates for a pipeline crossing a quarter section - you need the most accurate and detailed information available.  

We've done the groundwork and the research for you, and compiled not only the results but the supporting and georeferenced scanned documents as well.  In fact these scanned maps are compatible with even competitor data!

The Details


In many states where the BLM created GCDB data, we were able to use it as a starting point.
We then added thousands of hours of effort to:

  • Infill missing data
  • Finish out the state (e.g. AR, ND, OK)
  • Create entirely new states.
  • Standardize attributes
  • Correct attributes
  • Add thousands of missing lot numbers
  • Edge match to adjacent states
  • Review and correct typographical errors
  • Eliminate duplicate acreages
  • Added polygon geometry and modification dates to simplify updates.

WhiteStar Lots and Tracts are available as a one-time license purchase, by state. National coverage is available by subscription. Subscription levels are updated quarterly.

Custom delivery options are available, including support for ArcGIS SDE.