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Telling Stories Through Maps

Robert White


Let’s face it.  Unless you are a GIS nerd like me, listening to presentations on data can be very boring.  Fortunately, Esri comes to the rescue with “Esri Story Maps” which allows the casual reader to interact directly with raster and vector data.  According to the Story Map Website, Any user can build and display Esri Story Maps for non commercial purposes for free, or commercially with any type of ArcGIS account.  The user interface is intuitive.  Users can access particular Story Maps and navigate four or five slides, click on some polygons, and display attribute data,

Many stories are well told with maps.  In our case, we throw in a little history as well as give a feel for our products, in this case the US Public Land Survey System or PLSS and all of its complexities.   I know you’ll want to jump right in and see raster and vector examples of a crazy township in Wyoming.

Screenshot 2018-02-14 09.22.41_preview.png

This StoryMap shows the land grid database sources, processes and uses.
Township 53N, Range 69 West of the 6th Principal Meridian, Wyoming

I am fascinated by the history of the Public Land Survey System, and believe that Story Maps are a good alternative to PowerPoint presenting the history to an audience.  Story Maps can also integrate photos and text to suit most any purpose.

Esri is always making improvements to the Story Map authoring process. When I first started authoring Story Maps a year or so ago, it was sluggish, but since then the workflows have been streamlined and performance has greatly improved.  You will need to invest some hours into your first map, but you will find it time well spent.   Consider Story Maps the next time you want to show management the value and purpose of data, produce an interactive report with geospatial content,  or simply want to make a refreshing change.  Your audience will thank you.

WhiteStar Legal Mapper

For a flat fee, map to infinity.
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WhiteStar Legal Mapper Released

Robert White


We are pleased to announce new software for mapping your land and lease project data.  WhiteStar Legal Mapper (WLM) is now available as a cloud based “Software as a Service.”  WLM calculates land polygons and well locations based upon legal descriptions in the Public Land Survey System. Quarters, quarter-quarter, and lot descriptions are supported.   Automated metes and bounds mapping and workflow capabilities via the cloud are also under development for release later this year.

Land descriptions can be mapped either singly on WhiteStar Cloud or singly using an add-on button inside ArcMap or  ArcGIS Pro.  WhiteStar Cloud or a Safe Software FME transformer can be used for batch mode calculations.


Try out WLM Pro with an unlimited two week trial

All four methods reference our pre-loaded data libraries to generate the land polygons. Push a single button inside ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap to plot single polygons on your map.   No pre-existing local land grid installation or loading process is required.  You may map an unlimited number of descriptions without incurring additional fees.

The WLM Plus version adds WhiteStar Streaming Grid and is supported by popular software applications.  The “full meal deal”  WLM Pro version adds streaming access to WhiteStar Lots, Tracts and Quarter Quarter data for one user specified state as well as an API that can be incorporated into your intranet or accessed from another program.  Additional WhiteStar Lot, Tract and Quarter-Quarter  states are also available for licensing.  These states include many states available nowhere else including CO, NM, UT, OK, KS, WY, MT, AR,  ND, LA, MS, and AL.

WhiteStar offers all the software and data necessary to create your business critical, strategic GIS land database for any project.   We have done just this sort of thing for a variety of companies including the Forbes Fortune 200 companies.  WhiteStar will help you to accurately convert land title deeds into maps. We have an internal team of expert mappers capable of mapping even the most complex legal descriptions to help drive your project to completion.

To support the GIS land database creation efforts, WhiteStar offers the most accurate base mapping data including WhiteStar Grid, WhiteStar Lots, Tracts and Quarter-Quarters, WhiteStar Parcels, and imagery.


The Houston GIS Petroleum User Group Social sponsored by WhiteStar, is on Wednesday, January 17th! Click here for more information.