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Automation and the Bottom Line

Robert White

Trains, besides being a total obsession of mine, are a classic example of automation.  In the 19th century, trains shrunk the cross-country journey from weeks to days. 

Not everything associated with the innovation of trains has been good. Towns and cities were connected, but many other locales bypassed.  Some unfortunate places simply shrivelled and died. Trains also contributed to the disappearance of buffalo, until by 1894 there were only 25 animals left in the wild!   Trains also contributed to the extermination of the American Indian by providing a simplified means for extensive white settlement resulting in conflict.  

Perhaps we can all agree that innovations can bring good tidings but also a payload of unintended consequences.  We can at least agree that innovations can be quite disruptive.

Similarly, GIS technology is disruptive.  New technologies, like the ability to read a legal description and instantly draw the polygon on a map, greatly speed and reduce the cost of mapping lease, land, and right-of-way descriptions. However, such automation can also drastically change and reduce company job rolls - not to mention have a large impact on a company’s expenditures and bottom line.  On the bright side, it elevates the job description so that employees do less grunt work and focus on higher value tasks. 

Recently, a customer made a large acquisition.  Management was expecting to have to add many mapping staff to the GIS team, but in fact the GIS team lead discovered that because of the curated data from WhiteStar, in conjunction with a sophisticated Land data Management System, the company could absorb the acquisition without spending an additional $750,000 on staffing costs.  WhiteStar data includes parcel information, lots, and tracts that can greatly speed the automated mapping of land polygons, eliminating the need to research and map those ownership positions manually. 

We’re fond of our craft data.  Good maintained data drive efficiency.  We have been building a set of ROI tools so that you can see how that our data might accelerate the positive financial momentum of GIS inside your organization.  Also, our research shows how so-called “free data” can be costing your company as much as $250,000 per year.  

You can contact Adam for access to run your own numbers and scenarios. They add up quickly!