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Industry Musings: National & International Perspectives

Robert White

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Not unexpectedly, there was a lot of talk this year at the Esri Petroleum User Group in Houston about how to handle the downturn with the creative use of new technology. Apps dedicated to specific tasks that can be constructed quickly and easily are all the rage. Though attendance seemed to be down by about half, the remaining attendees were focused on new drilling and new opportunities, and our booth was busier than ever.  It seems fortunately that the worst is behind us. 

In early April, I also attended the American Association of Petroleum Geologists’ International show in Barcelona, Spain. In contrast to the general hand wringing predominant in the United States, the international attendees seemed to focus specifically on collaboration with competitors and trying to do more with less. Notably, there were many representatives of renewable divisions of oil and gas companies  at the conference, specifically Repsol.

Another theme in Barcelona was the common practice of oil companies to hire one’s own staff and “import” them into a foreign country rather than hire and train locally to save development costs and to generate good will by building relationships in the host country. Big picture project discussions also took place such as the coordination of the various tasks required to drill a well into a more comprehensive, cohesive, and cost saving managed holistic process. 

Certainly these ideas are taking root in the United States as well, but it was nice to see them showcased in one place.  

WhiteStar is receiving many inquiries from companies examining all operating facets of their operations including the cost and maintenance of GIS data. In some instances, we can save companies as much as 80% over your legacy data license agreements. We will be reaching out to financial comptrollers in the next few weeks as it is an obvious and large cost savings where the data can be replaced with a higher quality offering.