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WhiteStar Navigator Now with Live Chat

Robert White


There is nothing like having a problem or a question about a software or data product and then having to send emails or make calls, wait for answers, and repeat.  To improve your experience, and to return you to productivity as quickly as possible, we have added online chatting to our website experience.  

If you go to , you will see a text box that says “Welcome to LiveChat.”  To begin a session, simply click on “Chat Now” and you will begin a conversation with a WhiteStar staff member.


A real human being will answer your chat.  We don’t believe in robotic scripting. Our experienced people will either answer your query directly or find the resource (technical or sales) who can.  Our staff will make sure you get everything you need during the session including follow-up steps and further research.

What sorts of questions might you ask in live chat?  Perhaps you have questions about the content,  geographical coverage, or currency of one our data libraries.  Perhaps you’d like some further information on how to use our free WhiteStar Wizard App for iOS or how to properly map a land legal description.  

The sky's the limit and instant gratification is here now.

The market is changing.  Clients have come to expect instant interaction and easier and better tools for answering questions.  We are dedicated to staying ahead of the competition in terms of both the customer experience, quality of information provided, and of course the excellence of our data products.