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The Power of Streams

Robert White


Let’s face it.  Running data into and out of your GIS or exploration applications takes considerable time, money and effort.  First you have to identify the area of interest to obtain or to expand, then download that area from the source, specify a destination coordinate system and format, and then repeat this process periodically whenever an update is required.  Once the data have been downloaded, it exists for better or for worse, in a static form.  Compound this problem with multiple applications to support and you can quickly have a maintenance black hole.
For some applications, this may be exactly what you want, and we provide WhiteStar Cloud to provide exactly those type of traditional zip-clip-and-ship services.   Downloaded data remains static allowing superimposed data, such as lease boundaries built on top of the land grid, to remain in sync with the underlying land grid.  This joy comes at a cost, however.  Time moves on, new surveys are conducted, and your project remains blissfully unaware that it is out-of-date. 
Streaming data comes to the rescue!   If utmost data currency, simplicity, and lack of desire to manage boatloads of data are important to you, you can simply add a URL to your project to obtain the latest and greatest data streams. 


WhiteStar offers various types of data streams from the popular Open GIS Consortium (OGC)’s  WMS streams that are basically streamed image formats to ArcGIS Web Server Services providing access to not only the geometry but also to all of the underlying data attributes.  Which one you use depends upon the degree you want to customize the look, the speed of your Internet connection, and the degree you need to analyze the attribute data.
WhiteStar offers a variety of streaming data and cloud based data packages for each of our data products including WhiteStar Grid, WhiteStar Lots Tracts and Quarter Quarters, WhiteStar Wells, WhiteStar Parcels, and WhiteStar Culture.  A new product, WhiteStar Plats, has just been completed for Oklahoma, but is planned for many additional PLSS states.  This streaming service consists of WhiteStar georeferenced BLM plat maps, GLO plats, and Master Title plats that can be added for reference to your projects.  Call or email us for more details.
At the close of another year, we gratefully pause to wish you a warm and happy Holiday Season.

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