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WhiteStar Parcels: Better Access, Additional Attribution

Robert White

Customers require quick access and updates to parcel data in a variety of different formats to augment their GIS maps. In the past month we have achieved a significant breakthrough update to WhiteStar Parcels - the ability to search, select and stream or download the latest parcel data from any area of interest in subscribed areas of interest.

This cloud service capability is a significant improvement in update frequency over other options in the marketplace. We are also now able to offer basic (Standard) and enhanced (Pro) sets of attributes. Basic includes approximately 80 attributes (varying by area), and WhiteStar Parcels Pro includes over 250 attributes.


If we have not had some piece of data you needed in the past, we probably do now. Please give us another try at your next opportunity.

We find customers coming back to us after trying to obtain, maintain and update data on their own. Who has the time for that? Certainly not strategic customers wanting to execute on new opportunities quickly. Let us do the heavy lifting.


All parcels in Andrews County, Texas are selected using the WhiteStar Cloud county search criteria.

Users can select data within their licensed area by latitude/longitude window or by county, and then download it into popular GIS formats including shapefiles, Esri file geodatabase, ArcGIS Online and MapInfo MID/MIF - in the coordinate system of their choice. Alternatively, users can stream the data directly into their ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro session. We support OGC WFS/WMS and Esri map and feature services.