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Upcoming Seminars - Join Us in Denver and Houston

Robert White

How can you better map complex legal land descriptions - faster, more accurately, and as automated as possible? Join us in September to find out!
WhiteStar, in conjunction with DigitalGlobe, will hold one day seminars in Denver and in Houston to look at the business cases for building high accuracy lease/land GIS data as well as the technical considerations  from from users and project managers.

If your mapping requirements include descriptions like “the fractional part of section 15 west of the highway” or “Lots 1-3” or “Subdivision 1-A” or even a metes and bounds description in Texas, these one-day seminars are for you. We will be showing state of the art technologies and what it takes to map a wide variety of lease and land descriptions.

The day will include technical presentations from both WhiteStar and Digital Globe, as well as guest keynotes. We’re very pleased to welcome special guest keynote speaker Dale Lutz, co-founder of Safe Software (makers of FME) to our Houston event.

WhiteStar has been building Lot, Tract and Quarter-Quarter data from the original, authoritative General Land Office maps and plats for many years.  Thirty US states base all real estate descriptions on the Public Land Survey System. The remaining states, mostly in the east, use metes and bounds descriptions - bearings and distances from points - to form a boundary.  These descriptions have been difficult to map until now.

At the seminar, we will introduce a new capability in the WhiteStar Legal Mapper to map metes and bounds descriptions directly from scanned documents using optical character recognition (OCR).  The enhancement then populates an editable data structure. This approach will save massive amounts of time over hand entry of bearings and distances.

DigitalGlobe will be presenting on exciting new developments to their streaming imagery services.  Reliable, high resolution imagery is required to accurately map land boundaries and to locate rivers, streams and shorelines and manmade features such as train tracks, roads, fences and structures.