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20/20 Hindsight

Marketing WhiteStar

by Robert C. White, Jr.

We all know that geological history plays a big part in exploration - but how about American history? Sure enough, as we build more and more detailed land datasets like Lots & Tracts, stories emerge from our cultural past that affect how we do business in the petroleum business today.    

Take Texas, for example - in the early 1900s, tracts of land changed hands via speculators in an effort to increase investment from the north, and then were passed down through generations of farming families. To this day, current title information for these rural subdivisions is unearthed by combing through courthouse documents and General Land Office Abstracts, looking for land descriptions with names like "Catarina Farms, Block "F" lot 46". Every state that we compile this information for has its own idiosyncrasies and stories. 

Just like piecing together our history, coming up with a clear and accurate picture of your leases can involve some detective work, and information from a variety of sources. We've done the legwork for you - building out a comprehensive dataset from these archives so that you don't have to. No matter what your well or grid data source, WhiteStar Lots & Tracts provides you with an additional layer of history, and that means more accurate land maps and well spacing. 

A Cloud(y) Forecast from the Esri Business Partner Conference

Every year, WhiteStar attends the Esri Business Partner conference, networking and exchanging ideas with the Esri community and gaining insight into their perspective on the future of GIS as an industry. We sat down with Robert afterwards for a debrief.

WhiteStar Navigator: What was your biggest takeaway from the BP conference this year?

Robert White: Mobile, mobile, mobile, cloud, cloud, rain. In that order. There's a real focus on moving to mobile devices industry wide, and that includes exploration. And both data and processing in the cloud will be fundamental to feeding these apps, keeping them current and useful.

WN: What impact do you see the explosion of cloud and mobile having on WhiteStar?

RW: They're great platforms for our business partners to get creative with. Just in the past month, Geoforce released a cloud-based app utilizing WhiteStar data. If you think about the possibilities that mobile has for location-based apps in the field, we expect to see all sorts of useful tools emerging.

WN: Where do you see the benefits of the cloud inside the office?

RW: The cloud is a fantastic tool for data management, and for instant access to the most current information wherever you may be. It really can assist in getting rid of data silos and latency.

WN: What does the future of GIS and Esri look like to you?

RW: GIS is transitioning into what we always thought it should be - permeating business and personal life. And Esri continues to provide excellent thought leadership in the field - they really are driving the industry in the right direction. 

Coming Up - The 2012 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference

Join us in Houston April 30th to May 2nd at the 2012 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference. We´ll be in the Exhibit Hall. Stop by booth #316 and pick up a new and updated WhiteStar Meridian Reference Map, the most useful thing you can hang your wall!