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2019 Esri UC Wrap Up - Supersized

Robert White

More than 18,000 people attended the July, 2019 Esri User Conference. This event is almost unrecognizable in scope and size from twenty-plus years ago when all of us could fit inside the old, small Palm Springs Convention Center. In those halcyon days, the user social event was a late night beer fueled medicine ball competition. These days, thousands upon thousands of attendees pack Balboa Park in San Diego to capacity.

Today, seven million people now have access to the software and data resources of ArcGIS online. Esri places a lot of emphasis on integrating all types of data - imagery, vector, Real Time, 3D, Lidar, etc onto a Geospatial Cloud. If you aren’t interacting extensively with Esri technology at some level, you soon will be.

As a partner with Esri for more than 20 years, we are leveraging and embracing these trends including ArcGIS Pro 2.4+ with our newly released WhiteStar Legal Mapper Metes and Bounds module that helps you map land faster and more efficiently. Our offering will soon be released on the Esri Marketplace. We support a free trial period. For more information, please check here.

2019 Esri Energy Summit Panel

2019 Esri Energy Summit Panel

I also had the honor of serving as a panelist at the Esri Imagery Summit. Advances in Esri technology AI and Machine Learning are giving imagery data enhanced utility and new life, and we believe there’s a strong future in hyperspectral imagery. There have also been great advances in the ability to extract features from imagery and to process large amounts of data with machine intelligent algorithms. Industry challenges revolve around training AI data models with sufficiently large data sources for specific workflows. I am confident we will meet these challenges and produce increasingly accurate and more precise data in exponentially larger volumes. New sensors and collection platforms also continue to drive innovation. Look for this trend to continue.

Finally, I have been impressed that Esri has fully embraced open source technologies, notably Python and Jupyter Notebooks on Portal and soon available on ArcGIS Pro. I’m traveling to Romania next month for a look at the status of open source technologies (FOSS4G) and will report back in September.