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WhiteStar Navigator

Barriers to Collaboration

Marketing WhiteStar

Greetings and welcome to the premier edition of The WhiteStar Navigator, the new monthly newsletter from The WhiteStar Corporation. We have retooled our newsletter to keep you informed about product updates, to save you time and to help you better navigate industry trends.

In this, our November 2010 edition, we focus on "Breaking Down Barriers to Collaboration", update you about new features for WhiteStar Wells, and announce a unique new service to look up well locations quickly and easily-- and for FREE

"Well" Wishes,

The WhiteStar Team

Geospatial Wisdom: Benefit from our Experience

Breaking Down Barriers to Collaboration

Technologies such as GIS map servers and web mapping services (WMS) are making it easier for E&P organizations to collaborate on mapping projects. But some companies are learning that paving the way for collaboration often takes more than new technology. It may require a sea-level change in attitude across the enterprise.

Internal politics may be the biggest hurdle. Some people believe data is power, and they try to hoard it for their own. Upper level management must buy into the concept of collaboration from the start to break down barriers like this. All-hands meetings may be required to get everyone in agreement about how data will be shared. And it won't be easy....  Read more >>

Explore to the Core: WhiteStar Product Updates

Product Update

For the fourth quarter of 2010, WhiteStar Wells has been enhanced to include cumulative production data for Texas and Louisiana. 

All WhiteStar Wells subscribers can use this enhancement as a tool to augment prospect evaluation. Additional States' cumulative production data will be included in future releases, and all at no additional cost to our clients.

The WhiteStar Exploration Cube™

WhiteStar Wells is a key component in WhiteStar's synergistic approach in working with its clients. For each project we combine our accurate Data Layers with our Geospatial Wisdom to create a custom "WhiteStar Exploration Cube." The WhiteStar Exploration Cube is a strategic and precise layering of data that enables each client to see the "Big Picture" of their project in order to make crucial business decisions. To learn more about this product update or for more details about The WhiteStar Exploration Cube, contact Lorrie Francis, Director of Business Development, at 1-800-736-6277.

Synergy: Strategic Alliances to Streamline Exploration

The WhiteStar Corporation and The Timoney Group, both based in Denver, Colorado, have teamed up to launch, a free online look-up service containing information for 3.8 million oil and gas wells in the United States.

Tapping WhiteStar's longstanding expertise in collating high-quality data sets for the energy industry, the service enables users to call up basic information for any given oil or gas well and map its location on popular mapping platforms such as Google Earth and Bing Maps. The free service may be accessed at  Read the full press release on our website and check back as we forge future alliances to help you save time and streamline your operations.

Ask the Expert

Robert White is a 3rd generation geologist with over 20 years of Geospatial Wisdom.

Question: Collaboration among departments sounds great, but doesn't the risk of data inconsistency increase dramatically when so many groups can edit existing data or contribute their own data layers?

Answer: Just because a collaborative tool exists doesn't mean that everyone in the department can go "hog wild". Trusted work flows must still exist in each department, however, the benefit is that data can be compiled, changed, and edited parallel to the functions taking place simultaneously in other departments. Right now work flows are somewhat contingent upon each other and bottlenecks abound.

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