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First WhiteStar Symposium a Great Kick-off

Marketing WhiteStar

Well, we had a fantastic inaugural WhiteStar Data Symposium on June 11th in Houston! A great audience turnout, interesting educational content, and a fantastic venue – special thanks to the Houston Museum of Natural Science – produced an event that pleased all, and that we hope to bring to you again in the near future in additional locations.

For those who couldn’t attend, a few of the highlights included “The State of the Union” and future plans from our own Robert C. White, Jr. A look at the number of modifications to the grid database in 2012 shows some pretty amazing numbers – over 276,000 attribute updates and over 291,000 geometry updates! Over 34% of grid polygons in Texas alone experienced a change. If ever the need to keep your own in-house grid up to date was in question, this dynamism surely does provide the impetus to look closely at those processes.

Jerry Bramwell of LandWorks talks about grid migration.On the new product front, we announced a new program incorporating GPS coordinates for survey monuments to improve our grid products. In conjunction with Habitat Management, Inc., monument coordinates are recorded in the field, and the positional improvements propagated throughout our grid.

WhiteStar Lots and Tracts development rumbles on, as we currently are putting the finishing touches on Kansas and eastern Oklahoma, and these datasets are ready to assist your land mapping efforts by improving your auto-mapping percentage by 10-15%.

Wells and Culture data have had their share of attention and improvement as well – a variety of new data sets, updates, and improvements to both.

The big news, though, is the future of data delivery from WhiteStar. After years of standard methodologies – physical media, ftp, and such, we are building a fancy new delivery system that will greatly simplify your lives and ours. Based on FME Server and Esri technologies, the new Email Data Fulfillment System will be rolled out in preview soon!

We really wish to thank our guest speakers who took the time to share their thoughts and experiences with us as well – our own Mike Schiewe, Drew Wilkie of Rosetta Resources, Jerry Bramwell of LandWorks, and Norm Olsen who held our afternoon Geodetic Boot Camp. We’ll bring you more details about what they had to say in upcoming posts.

Thanks to those who attended in Houston, and we look forward to seeing all of you soon – hopefully at an upcoming date in Denver!

Esri UC July 8 - 12 in San Diego

We’ll be in attendance at Esri’s annual User Conference in Diego - and invite you to join us at the PUG Social on Tuesday evening at the Corrado Terrace - sponsored in part by WhiteStar. For your convenience, here is a list of petroleum-related conference content by Esri. Hope to see you there!