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In Grid We Trust

Marketing WhiteStar

Keeping data current is crucial in exploration. Get bad information and you could end up drilling a well on the wrong lease. So how do you know if your data are up-to-date? We know ours is with more than 20,000 enhancements in the past 36 months gathered from our huge partner network consisting of thousands of customers.   

Are you getting this much value from your existing vendor, let alone "free" government data? Buyer beware if you downloaded free data from a government map or survey site longer than a few weeks ago-- it's probably already obsolete as government data change often.    

Don't go into the digital wilderness without a good guide. Partnering with WhiteStar means you can explore with confidence that the data we deliver are the most accurate in the industry. So accurate in fact, that even our competitors use it.

In Grid We Trust: The Land Grid Challenge!

We're so confident in our data that we're inviting new clients to take our Land Grid Challenge and try our data free of charge. (This will be the only time you get data for free that you can trust!)

Select any area in the USA up to 20 by 20 miles in size and we'll send a licensed WhiteStar Grid file at no charge in the format and coordinates of your choice. All we ask in return is that you compare your data to ours and agree within two weeks to share your results! 

We're convinced that once you take the Challenge, you'll never look back. Our research shows 98 out of 100 clients who have evaluated WhiteStar data won't settle for anything less. We believe you'll take our challenge and agree: Serious Explorers follow the Star.

Call 1-800-736-6277 today to take the Land Grid Challenge.

Synergy: Join us in Houston!

'Grid'dyup! Esri PUG Houston is coming up fast. Saddle up with WhiteStar at booth 518 at the 21st Annual Esri Petroleum User Group meeting. 

Robert White will be joined by a familiar name in the industry, Steve Pickett. If you'd like to grab a cup of coffee with Robert & Steve, give Robert a holler at:

The Esri PUG will be held April 18-21, 2011, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.

Ask the Expert

Robert White is a 3rd generation geologist with over 20 years of Geospatial Wisdom.

Question: Why is lot and tract information so important in evaluating land positions?

Answer: Because you can't know where a specific lot or tract is if you're only given the number. Well and lease descriptions often reference lot numbers. It's a myth that lots 1-4 and 5-7 lie along the north and west sides of a section. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. In complex areas you have to reference the original documents to know where they are.

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