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Make Your Job Easier

Marketing WhiteStar

Dear Fellow Explorationist

We have a short and simple newsletter this month. It's about having the tools you need to make your job easier-- or not. 

Easy is a big deal with us at WhiteStar. Note, we said "easy" and not "simple." Things that are complex can be easy to use, like an iPod, for example. The interface simplicity belies the complex programming that makes it run.  Or tools can be frustrating-- who doesn't remember trying to program a VCR? 

We at WhiteStar are committed to making mapping easy. Even though you may not recognize the complexity living just below the surface of WhiteStar products, your satisfied comments about how effortless they are to use are all the thanks we need.

So how does WhiteStar make exploration easy? In FOUR simple ways:

  1. Speed. You need to respond with timely maps to a business opportunity, or that opportunity might be lost. You can find oil & gas faster with WhiteStar.
  2. Coverage. You should be able to easily produce an initial map anywhere in the USA where an opportunity is likely to arise. WhiteStar is the only company with a comprehensive grid product.
  3. Flexibility. Data should be easy to select by county, window, state, or township and range area. That way you can easily expand your areas of interest and you don't have to disclose where you're working to anyone.
  4. Agility. The data should be readily exportable to the actual software you are using.

If you can't make a basic, posted wellspot basemap with survey and town boundaries anywhere in the United States inside of half an hour then your job is harder than it needs to be, and your competition is likely passing you by.

But don't only take our word for it. Ask Dave. Who's Dave? Dave was a geotech in a mid-size exploration company who didn't have WhiteStar data and had his job turn into a living nightmare. Read his true story and pity Dave who didn't have the knowledge you do on how to avoid it. 

It's easy to follow the Star.

Yours in discovery,

The WhiteStar Team

Ask the Expert

Robert White is a 3rd generation geologist with over 20 years of Geospatial Wisdom.

Question: What is the best practice for basic posted map generation?

Answer: You should be able to select (or expand) an area of interest, select the data layers for it (i.e. wellspots, city boundaries, land survey), download it in an appropriate format and upload it into your system in preparation for map plotting in at most 30 minutes for a five county area or smaller area.

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