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Measure Twice, Cut Once

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Old adages tend to have the wisdom of experience behind them. Whether you’re about to sink that spinning saw into a pricey piece of walnut or sign off on an exploration plan, double-checking your source information is never a bad idea.  And as we all know, if you’re a geoscientist making a recommendation on where to explore, there’s a ton of variables that need be synthesized and evaluated.

One way of measuring twice is to double up on your sources as a quality check. Data vendors, in a way, have a similar job – we search for multiple sources of information, evaluate it, compile and homogenize it, add value along the way, and produce datasets that plug nicely into your workflows.

Sometimes, though, it’s a good idea to double-check with the source. In the case of well data, what you’re working with has often gone through multiple iterations between the origin – generally the regulator – and your desktop. There’s a simple (and very affordable) way to perform that quick double-check before you submit your application back to the regulator – and that’s WhiteStar Streaming Wells.

A simple web streaming service, as-sourced well spots and APIs provide a visual QA check of your data against what the regulator considers correct and current. A quick glance can alert you to differences in location, status, API and the existence of wells and permits both new and old. Awareness of the “regulatory” version of the information could raise flags on issues and let you address them beforehand, easing the application process.

WhiteStar Streaming Wells is a simple (and did we mention affordable?) way to add an additional level of confidence to your work. As a standard web service data stream, using it is a simple matter of connecting to the service within most of your favorite applications. So for a little extra insurance, give us a call! 

Spring 2013 Events

The Spring 2013 conference season is upon us, and we have a number of exciting events on the calendar. Robert will be speaking at the FME 2013 World Tourstop in Denver on April 10th, and WhiteStar will be in attendance at these events:

For the latest information on WhiteStar events, check the “Upcoming Events” section on our home page at We look forward to seeing you soon!