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Dear Fellow Explorationist

Resource plays like the Bakken and Niobrara are generating plenty of excitement in the oil & gas industry. They show huge potential and companies are eager to get in on the action. 

Yet, many of these exploration companies will make their investments with survey data no more current than the 1870s. Missing in action are crucial details about attribute areas, topology and history. These maps are approximations at best, and the consequences of drilling based on "educated guesses" could be in the millions. Are you among the gamblers who are making major business decisions using suspect data?   

WARNING: If you are making drilling decisions on section lines and posted well symbols alone, you are assuming potential financial risk.

The good news is that WhiteStar has your back by providing information you need to succeed. We just released WhiteStar Lots & Tracts™ to make your lease maps more precise than ever by including quarter-quarters for section data.  Whether you are exploring your own property, or looking at a competitive situation in the area, these data are essential for achieving accurate lease mapping.          

When other mapping companies don't know where lots are in a section (non-standard lots), they might use lot aliasing, relying on quarter-quarter equivalents to generate the lease boundaries. This might get you close, but not to your exact location because non-standard lots are very common. WhiteStar Lots & Tracts will build leases where the lots actually are in a section. "Close enough" is unacceptable when million-dollar drilling is involved.      

Furthermore, lots and tracts are not only critical for lease posting, but indispensable for accurate well posting. There are numerous wells that reference lots and cannot be spotted without these data. Do you really want to explore with an incomplete map?    

Take a look at the example below to see how WhiteStar Lots & Tracts provides the extra insights required for effective exploration. We think you'll agree that these high-stakes plays require mapping with greater detail and higher quality. It's time to take industry mapping to the next level and WhiteStar is leading the way. 

Contact Mike Schiewe to learn how you can eliminate map defects and get the most up-to-date data, as you streamline your mapping process.

The Devil in is the Details

Get further insights about why lot & tract data are imperative in Robert's latest Blog post. Also, stay tuned for our next issue of The WhiteStar Navigator to read a "before-and-after" case study using WhiteStar Lots & Tracts.Until then, we'll see you back here, or perhaps this week in San Diego for the Esri International User Conference!

Yours in exploration,

The WhiteStar Team

Ask the Expert

Robert White is a 3rd generation geologist with over 20 years of Geospatial Wisdom.

Question: Why is lot and tract information so important in evaluating land positions?

Answer: Because you can't know where a specific lot or tract is if you're only given the number. Well and lease descriptions often reference lot numbers. It's a myth that lots 1-4 and 5-7 lie along the north and west sides of a section. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. In complex areas you have to reference the original documents to know where they are.

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