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(Not) A Big Deal: Moving Land Polygons

Marketing WhiteStar

Doing a mass update of thousands of lease polygons is one of those tasks that you might push to the “someday” file. But what if you’ve just done a big deal, and 9,000 polygons have landed in your lap through an acquisition, and they’re on a different land grid? That’s the scenario that WhiteStar user Heath Wallis recently found himself in.

As GIS Supervisor for Premier Natural Resources, Heath uses WhiteStar Grid as their standard for lease mapping. “We use best-of-breed wherever possible,” he says, “and WhiteStar are the specialists. They know how to do it right, and aren’t just mashing together a collection of sources.” And so, when this new lease data arrived and man-hours were tight, he decided to give us a call and see if we could assist in moving them to their WhiteStar internal standard.

The process was straightforward. Premier provided a sample data set to determine the level of effort involved, and together we went over specific rules to follow in different cases, developing the business rules for mapping. The complete data set was handed over, and a month later, Heath took delivery of the completed WhiteStar-based results that integrated perfectly with the rest of his data. “Through the QA on delivery and since putting it into production, we haven’t encountered a single issue,” he tells us. “Going forward, we’ll be handling updates and new data incrementally as we always do, but I wouldn’t hesitate to do this again for a large acquisition.”

It’s a simple story, with an important message: updating, changing, or migrating land grid polygons just simply isn’t that difficult – and doesn’t need to be put in the “someday” file.

I know we tend to harp on a bit about updating your grid. We do that because it’s important, and it’s really not as onerous a proposition as it may seem. Once a lease polygon has been created, it’s not etched in stone – it can, and should, be updated to reflect the latest changes and adjustments – both geometry and attributes – from the master sources.

That being said, we know that WhiteStar grid is uniquely capable of making that process as easy as it possibly can be, since we give you access to the metadata that makes identifying changes a simple matter.

So whether you’re handling it yourself or need a helping hand, are integrating data into your current WhiteStar-based data or thinking of migrating to it, the tools and the expertise are here to help you make your data “best of breed” too.