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Spring Tour: Across the Patch in 2016

Robert White

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our Spring Tour Show 2016.  We held events in Denver, Midland, Dallas, Fort Worth, OKC, Tulsa, and Houston - and it was our most successful tour yet, with double last year’s attendance.  

Of course many of you were looking to win that elusive iPAD mini of which we gave away one in each city. Some of you were looking for a great breakfast that always included plenty of crispy bacon, and some of you were looking for some good intelligence on how best to leverage your IT assets during tough times.

Software companies have calculated ROI on software licenses for years, but we found a lot of people resonating to the idea of calculating Return on Investment for data.  We are bringing some scientific thinking to the table. Do you think it costs you nothing to grab a copy of public data?  Not once you download it, massage it, edge match it, correct it, and take ownership for a job you were not hired to do.  

We also think you should take a hard look at how many data custodianships, or jobs below your pay grade, you ought to take on.  Will it be hard to get rid of those assignments later? Contact us for us a copy of the spreadsheet to see how two get two dollars out for every one one you put into properly licensed and curated data. 

The oil industry may be slow, but your managers are still likely trying to do more with less! It seems that is the general solution whether times are good or bad.  We think good data supporting good decisions is a healthy way to support that goal. Sometimes your managers understand the impact. Let us help you to maintain and support data assets in your department with logically reasoned arguments!

During the tour, we also covered our massive expansion plans in 2016, as well as our project to complete Lots, Tracts, and Quarter Quarters in Alabama, California, Michigan, and Florida. WhiteStar Cloud now supports all of our core products, and will support parcel data by-the-drink in the third quarter. The WhiteStar Cloud is our “zip, clip, and ship” web infrastructure for serving yourself geographic data in the area of interest, format, and coordinate system you select.

If you missed our Spring Tour this year, we will be doing it again next year a bit earlier to avoid Spring Break and possibly even adding a city or two.