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The Ides of March

Marketing WhiteStar

Poor Julius Caesar. If he'd paid attention to the soothsayer, he might have avoided an untimely end. Roman history would be a completely different story than the one we know today - and the "Ides of March" would have more to do with festivals than bad luck. What's the takeaway here? Pay attention to your soothsayer!

So, in the spirit (pun intended) of the Ides, we've sat cross-legged on the floor, pressed index fingers to temples, and come up with some predictions for you.

  • WhiteStar data will help you avoid a large increase in your land grid bill from 33% to 200% without any corresponding increase in value!
  • You will avoid delays and frustrations with WhiteStar support! You will not have to park your project for weeks awaiting a response!   
  • Your WhiteStar licensing agreement will not restrict you, and you will not be visited by the apparition of a lawyer who insists you must delete your data before he will be gone!
  • You will discover that moving your land polygons to the WhiteStar Grid base isn't a horrifying task at all!
  • WhiteStar will happily continue to provide competitive quotes for our competitors to match!

All of this can come true should you heed the seer - who also says that if you're not already using WhiteStar Grid as your base, you should call us now for high quality digital data at a fair price guaranteed not to increase for the life of the contract. (The seer also acknowledges that this sounds a bit like a discount furniture and appliances ad, but sticks by his message.) All hail the soothsayer!

Et tu?