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The New School is IN!

Marketing WhiteStar

If you stopped by to see us at the Esri PUG in Houston this year, or visited our website recently, you probably noticed that WhiteStar has a fresh new look. And it’s not just us – one thing we really noticed at this year’s PUG was a real shift in outlook on how we—meaning both vendors and consumers of data in and around the oil & gas business—expect business to be done. And it’s a refreshing change.

Gone, it seems, are the old school days (that some of us clearly remember, but won’t necessarily admit to being old enough for!) of doing things because that’s how we always did them, of relationship-based decisions, of static data and obscured methodologies. You, as a data consumer, have demanded change. And it’s for the better.

Today’s data consumer wants dynamic, agile, responsive, current, and transparent products and relationships. You want to know that what you are using is current, and you want to know why and how it is as good as it can be. You want to know that your data provider has a clear roadmap to deal with the ever-faster changing landscape of data sources, and isn’t resting comfortably on “that’s how we always did it”. Simply, you want a provider who does things the way you do.

There’s a welcome infusion of fresh new faces reinvigorating our industry, and changing the way business is done. These are exciting times, and though WhiteStar has been around since the days of cigars-and-martinis deals, we’ve embraced this culture of change since day one. A fresh look is more than just a corporate image change – it’s a manifestation of our commitment to fresh talent, to never getting comfortable and staid, to remaining the best at what we do, and at being the responsive, transparent, quality supplier that you need.