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Trend Spotting with Data

Marketing WhiteStar

Having the right data at your fingertips is crucial in the oil & gas industry. But ask yourself: What have your data done for you lately? If they're WhiteStar data, the answer is to keep you on the leading edge of exploration. As the articles below explain, WhiteStar data can help to spot trends and prevent costly mistakes - keeping you one step ahead of the competition, and putting you one step closer to your goals.

Explore to the Core: Digging Deeper into your Data

Spotting Trends with WhiteStar Wells

If someone asked you which state has seen the most drilling of oil and gas wells, you would probably guess Texas. Easy, right? But that answer doesn't reflect the bigger picture.   

Yes, over the last three years,Texas has outpaced all other states in terms of the number of new wells drilled with 46,000, but in just the past year, however, Pennsylvania has had a stunning 44,000 wells drilled, primarily thanks to the Marcellus Shale.

These and other insights are quickly ascertained using WhiteStar Wells. WhiteStar Wells gives you the option of viewing well locations in a map grid fitted to state and county lines, or you can run spreadsheet analyses to spot drilling trends across the nation or within your area of interest. We generated a spreadsheet tallying up all oil and gas wells drilled in the nation and the graphic above summarizes those findings. Read the full article...

Geospatial Wisdom: Benefit from our Experience

Beware: Grid Data can Change!

Beware the shifting sands! Grid data can, and do change. Just ask the folks in 53N 69W who made decisions based on fraudulent maps! In our five- minute webinar Robert White and Mike Schiewe explain how WhiteStar's years in the digital mapping industry make them experts in spotting a fake, and how they can help you to have confidence in your data and avoid costly mistakes.

Watch the webinar.

Synergy: Join Us in Palm Springs!

Are you going to Esri? Robert and Mike will be attending both Esri events!

Esri Partner Conference March 5-8, 2011  

Esri Developer Summit  March 7-10

If you'd like to grab a cup of coffee with them, just shoot them an email at: or

Ask the Expert

Robert White is a 3rd generation geologist with over 20 years of Geospatial Wisdom.

Question: In their public records, which states offer the most- and the least- detailed well production information?

Answer: Some states don't offer or collect production data at all, as is the example in Illinois. Other states such as Texas collect collective data on a lease basis for oil wells, but individually on gas wells. Some states like North Dakota have the production for each well regardless of type. This makes for a challenge in putting together information for each state in a consistent way.

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