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Upsides in Downtimes: Focus on Value

Robert White

When times are good and cash is flush, it’s pretty easy to stick with the status quo, paying the same old bills as usual, and carry on. But in these uneasy times for our industry, it’s more important than ever that every cost be open to discussion.

This is the time to look at what we’ve been accepting, and ask why.

Are we just so frantically busy that fundamentals can fall by the wayside? Being reactive instead of proactive? And so we just accept the way things are? Maybe.

But there’s opportunity here too. This could be the time to really enhance the GIS data investment in your department. The time to show value to management with defensibly better spatial decisions. The time to re-evaluate contracts and consider whether balloon payments or pricing that varies with your production provide the predictability you want with volatile cash flow. This could be the time to lower your costs and increase your data value. To streamline and increase efficiencies.

What it’s not time for: coasting.

Show your value to the organization with proactive data management. And not only for your own proprietary data – the same standards should apply to your vendors, too. Ask questions.

  • What is the update frequency?
  • What are the reasons for those updates?
  • What is the goal or vision for those updates?

We believe that even grid data should be constantly improved. Our ultimate goal is GPS quality for everything. And you should be able to integrate your own high quality survey data with it, and expect that your corrections and improvements will be incorporated if you provide them.

There’s not much upside to coasting – even in good times. So as more and more top producers switch to WhiteStar, you might want to think about why they are. It’s the best grid with the best practices, and more granular via Lots and Tracts than anything else available.

It’s time to rise to the challenge and show you – and your data’s – true value.