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It remains to be seen just how much ripple effect the recent government shutdown will have on our industry and this season’s exploration plans. But there was certainly one effect we saw pretty quickly over here at WhiteStar – an uptick in one-off project data requests.

It makes sense – the day the doors were closed, the majority of freely available grid data sources (being federally supplied) went dark. With no indication of when they might be back.

And so those with projects underway that relied on free government grid data screeched to a halt. Existing projects that included data streams from those sources were suddenly useless. These products of “convenience” disappeared – with no indications of responsibility towards those who relied on them.

Now we talk a lot about the downsides of do-it-yourself freebie data (yes, endlessly, you may be thinking!), usually in the context of hidden costs and risks associated with accuracy, man-hours, overhead, and such. Even we hadn’t contemplated that the day would arrive when they would just simply go away for a while!

So we’d like to take this opportunity to point out that WhiteStar customers, while they were dealing with any number of other issues stemming from this hiatus, at least didn’t have to deal with that one. They know they’ve got the best, trustworthy and as accurate as it gets, on hand at all times. And that pays for itself.

We’ve been doing this an awfully long time – and we’re very good at it. If your organization has one of our enterprise or desktop data products, you know you’re always current and covered. And we have some exciting new product developments coming in 2014 that will take flexibility and availability to a whole new level.

It’s hard to quantify the value of around the clock reliability – until it’s gone. But whatever the circumstances, we’ll continue doing what we’ve continuously committed to doing since 1990. And when you need data – we’ll be there!