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WhiteStar ParcelsTM

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Thousands of counties… one source, updated quarterly. Parcel data with detailed attribution can be streamed into your GIS application right now.

Why Choose WhiteStar Parcels?

  • Huge time savings: With thousands of sources, compiling and maintaining parcel data is a herculean task you don’t need to do.

  • Instant easy access: Stream it or download an AOI right now, even by township-range or Texas abstract.

  • Extensive attribution: Answer complex questions and perform easy change detection or activity monitoring.



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Available In:

Streaming Data
to feed your application

WhiteStar Cloud
for self-service downloads

When you need the most granular land data possible, add WhiteStar Parcels to your data stack. With nationwide coverage, this dataset brings a multitude of sources together, and includes attributes such as taxation identifiers and information, ownership, and addressing.

Two varieties are available - standard parcels and Pro, which come with some 260 attributes to answer your most complex queries.

They are cross-referenced to land grid, meaning you can easily query based on township-range descriptors, or by Texas abstract (no grid data necessary). And even with this depth of information, change identification is a breeze with attribute and geometry modification tracking.

Updated quarterly, WhiteStar Parcels will help you effectively approach lease agreements, meet compliance requirements, and streamline utility planning.



WhiteStar Parcels provides users with point and polygon data which include the following:

  • Parcel APN / Tax APN

  • Owner(s) / Property Addresses / Mailing Addresses                                      

  • Tax Roll Information

  • Land Use

  • Legal Description

  • Acreage / Lot Size

  • And many more*, Standard (80+) and Pro Versions (260)
    for a complete list, see the Data Dictionaries for Texas and all other states

*Attribution varies according to source availability.

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