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WhiteStar Wells


WhiteStar Wells

Whether your current source of well data is a big vendor or you’re compiling and maintaining it yourself from various states and sources, WhiteStar Wells can both simplify your life and give you an extra layer of confidence in your decisions.

Be informed: double-check your work and know what the regulator has on file.

Highly cost effective and available as a stream that feeds right into your applications, our regularly updated national database provides you with easy access to what regulators have on record. Use it to verify your primary source – checking for missing wells and comparing information to the regulator’s version. And if you are doing your own well data maintenance from the states, WhiteStar Wells can easily cost-justify itself – and free up a lot of hours per month - by taking care of it for you.

Spend your time elsewhere: it’s instantly available and costs less than doing it yourself.

WhiteStar data experts compile, process, and standardize well header data from 34 different State and Federal agencies to produce a seamless database of more than 4 million oil and gas wells in the United States, making regional mapping a breeze. Formation tops are available for select states as well.

WhiteStar Wells includes:

  • Well Header Information
  • Formation tops for CO, IL, IN KS, MI, MT, ND, NE, OH, PA, SD, TN, TX, WV, and WY
  • Bottom Hole Information
  • Casings, Liner Intervals, Perforation Intervals, Remarks and Squeeze 
  • Perforated intervals for Texas
  • Fitted State and County Lines
  • Gulf of Mexico Offshore Areas 
  • Data refreshed every 90 days.
  • Standardized well status codes across the country.
  • Well locations accurately mapped to WhiteStar Grid where appropriate.
  • Well elevations interpolated from DEM data where not reported.
  • Well names and numbers separated into individual fields when possible.
  • Formation tops normalized for easy posting and mapping inside G&G applications.
  • Download as much data by geographical area as you want.  You are Not limited by the state web site.
  • USGS quadrangle names attached to each well record.
  • Easily determine wells that have been added or moved location since last update.
  • Supplement missing wells and data in private sources using our state sources. 

The Details

WhiteStar Cloud is an easy-to-use map based app available at any time, from anywhere, using your browser.  There is no need to load or update any software.

  • Select your areas of interest - by county, township, lat/long box, or state.
  • Choose a supported file format
    • GeoGraphix Wellbase Versions 2 and 3
    • Petra ASCII
    • Esri File Geodatabase
    • Esri Shape
    • MapInfo MID/MIF
    • Esri ArcGIS Online (Coming soon)
  • Choose an output coordinate system (NAD27, NAD83, State Plane, UTM Zone, etc)

WhiteStar Cloud will promptly send you an email when your data is ready for download via an ftp link.