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Mapping Legals with FME

WhiteStar Blog

Mapping Legals with FME

Robert White

FME from Safe Software is a popular application for manipulating spatial data, and the WhiteStarLegalMapper FME transformer lets you conveniently create land polygons right in your FME workspace.

The transformer is included with WhiteStar Legal Mapper as one of the available methods.  

Using the WhiteStarLegalMapper Transformer

Sometimes land or lease legal descriptions are entered into a spreadsheet.  Using FME, we can read the input file directly, compute the land legal descriptions, and then either further process the data elsewhere in the workspace or simply write out or display the results.  These examples were derived from some freely available BLM lease data.

The input file consists of a unique identifier, any other attributes you may want to carry, and a land legal description in terms of meridian, township, range, section and section subdivision:

pic 1.png

Inside FME Workbench, we do three simple things:  read the input file, call the WhiteStarLegalMapper transformer with credentials, and map the results.  Credentials are obtained from WhiteStar when you sign up for a free trial or account.

pic 2.png

The FME workspace contains the reader, the WhiteStarLegalMapper transformer, and directs the output to the Data Inspector.

pic 3.png

Lastly, we get the results - leases mapped in their proper place in Wyoming.

pic 4.png