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Bigger Than the Bakken? Kansas Lots and Tracts Ready

Marketing WhiteStar

A quick Internet search on “Kansas Mississippian Play” returns close to a million and half results – a pretty clear indication of how hot Kansas is right now. And we know what happens when a play is hot – the acreage prices just go up and up and up. A recent article in The Wichita Eagle is just one of many news pieces quoting industry representatives on their experiences in the area, where land lease prices have increased by “10 times or more”.

When you’re spending that kind of money, you really want an accurate picture of your leases – both for planning land purchases and for optimizing your drilling program. There are tens of thousands of lots and tracts in the play area – and we’ve just finished incorporating them into WhiteStar Lots and Tracts.

Irregular Kansas riverfront lots and acreage values, with multiple variations on lot number position within the section. Differences in lot numbering direction and starting point can wreak havoc with automated land polygon generation.

In case you haven’t checked it out yet, WhiteStar Lots and Tracts is the compilation of the most accurate and detailed lot-level land grid available – hands down. Curating this dataset is an incredibly manually intensive process, as original documents from the General Land Office are researched and captured under strict accuracy controls. The result is simply a one-of-a-kind parcel dataset – and it’s invaluable when high dollars are involved in a project.

We’re constantly talking about why more accurate is better, but it’s worth saying again. Land system auto-mapping results improve by up to 20%, and that’s time in hand. Optimizing your well spacing, knowing accurate acreages, having the most current information, sourced from the original legal documents - all of this contributes to a successful project and helps smooth the regulatory process. 

So if you’re looking at Kansas, think about WhiteStar Lots and Tracts for the clearest picture possible. 

Yes, We’ll Help You Move

They say a good friend will help you move, but a really good friend will help you move your polygons. Moving your land base to a new (and more accurate) grid provider doesn’t need to be as overwhelming a task as it may seem. If there’s one thing WhiteStar excels at, it’s dealing with grid data – and that includes deriving and adjusting lease polygons to match. 

We’re now offering a Polygon Move service to assist those wanting to make the switch as efficiently as possible. When you license WhiteStar Lots and Tracts for a state, we will move up to 10,000 polygons for you, for each state that you license - at no additional charge.