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Spring Tour Starts: Evaluating Data Contracts

Robert White

WhiteStar marked the opening of its 2016 Spring Tour with a lively event at the University Club. Coming up, Adam and I will be waltzing across the oil patch the third week in March to update you on the latest with breakfast meetings in Midland, Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Houston. Stay tuned to your email for an invitation of how to do more with less - and to request an invite contact

Data Contracts: What you don’t know can hurt you!

Peter Edwards, counsel for Fairfield and Woods gave a presentation on “Data Contracts: What you don’t know can hurt you!” Peter gave a crash course on data licensing contracts with an eye towards structuring mutually beneficial contracts and avoiding pitfalls and conflict  between licensor and licensee.  Peter believes in paying special attention to business terms, license, and risk allocation. “Clarity helps avoid litigation!” Peter has been WhiteStar counsel for many years. 

View the presentation video and download slides

What’s New?

I presented on what is new and improved in 2016. WhiteStar Cloud continues to evolve to support fully WhiteStar Grid, WhiteStar Culture, and WhiteStar Wells with plans to support WhiteStar Parcels by the third quarter and WhiteStar Lots, Tracts, and Quarter-Quarters by year end. Other improvements include CDF format for WhiteStar Culture, and WellBase ASCII file format for WhiteStar Wells.

WhiteStar Onedle was announced, which is essentially an Enterprise License Agreement for all WhiteStar Data and Software. WhiteStar now has 97% of the parcels for the United States and is building all of the lot and tract data in 30 states by the end of the decade. For more information on the WhiteStar Onedle, contact Adam Cordova, VP of Sales at

When quizzed, nearly half the 50 people attending used an ArcGIS Service or WMS/WFS stream in their daily work. Streams are gaining traction!  WhiteStar now offers all three services as part of WhiteStar Cloud to meet the needs of any stream-enabled application. 

Adam Cordova, VP of Sales, spoke on, “Given WhiteStar *, Why should you care?” Businesses only buy or license data when they want to solve a problem or want to feel better. The WhiteStar Cloud lets you save staff costs and resources by automating your mapping tasks and always having access to the cleanest and most up-to-date data.